I’m sharing a bit of our new house with you today! The kitchen is pretty much staying the way it is…for now. There are other rooms that need much more attention than this! Until then I’m embracing our kitchen the way it is (quirks and all)!

Did I mention our kitchen has a lot of yellow? Haha and who am I fooling with those clear counters?!?
We don’t have a dishwasher and quite frankly sometimes we fail and somehow loose the ability to do dishes. Really why is it so hard to do 5 minutes daily compared to the hour of not doing them for days… Anyone else with me?
One of the themes we’ve found about the previous owners is that they didn’t want things to go anywhere.  Case and point – cutting boards attached to the counters. There was one on each side of the sink. One came up easy and after trying to pry the other one up we found it was screwed on. For realz!?!
That meant holes through the counter! 6 of them.  Hubby filled them with some clear silicone sealant. Glad those cutting boards are gone!
Our kitchen is carpeted. Can you think of any instances when carpet in a kitchen is a good idea? Note to self avoid spilling anything on the floor.
Yes, there are things not to love in our kitchen, but I do love the shelves that the previous owner left!
There was a third slightly longer shelf below which we took down because it was too low.
What do you think of the eat sign?!? I love it! My husband cut it out for me. If anyone is wondering, it’s the font, Lobster 1.3 super large!)
I can’t decide if I want to paint it. I was planning to do it in teal or white, but I’m kinda liking the natural wood. What do you think?

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